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John BYRD (1620-?) m. Grace STEGGE (London, England) Children: 1. Col. William BYRD I 2. Thomas Byrd///

COL. WILLIAM BYRD I (1652-1704) m. (c.1673) Mary (Maria) HORSMANDEN, dau. of William St. Leger Horsmanden and Susanna Beeching. Children: 1. Mary m. James Duke 2. Susan m. John Brayne 3. Col. William BYRD II (1674-1744) 4. Ursula m. Robert Beverly Jr. 1 son: William Beverly///

COL. WILLIAM BYRD II M. (1706) 1) Lucy PARKE (?-1719) dau. of Col. Daniel Parke. Children: 1. Evelyn (1707-1737) 2. Parke (1709-1710) 3. Wilhelmina m. Thomas CHAMBERLAYNE/// WILLIAM BYRD II Married (1724) (2) Maria TAYLOR (?_?) dau. of Thomas Taylor of Kensington, Eng. Children: 1.) Anne (b. 1725) m. Charles CARTER 2.) Maria (b. 1727)M. Col. Landon CARTER 3.) Jane (b.1729) 4.) William BYRD III (1728-1777)///

WILLIAM BYRD III M. (1.) Elizabeth Hill CARTER (d.1760)dau.of John CARTER. Children: 1.) William BYRD IV (1749-1771) died in accident in France 2.) John Carter BYRD (1751-?) noissue 3.) Thomas Taylor BYRD (1752-c.1814)(see next section) 4.) Elizabeth Hill BYRD (b.1754-?) 5.) Francis Otway BYRD (1756-1800) m. Anne Munford WILLIAM BYRD III M. 1761 (2.) Mary Shippen WILLING (1740-?)Dau of Charles and Ann Shippen Willing of Philadelphia. 1.) Maria Horsmanden BYRD (1761-?) m. John PAGE 2.) Evelyn Taylor BYRD (?_?)m. Benjamin HARRISON 3.) Charles Willing (died young)

4.) Anne Willing Byrd (died young) 5.) Charles Willing (b. July 22 1770, m. Sarah Mead

6.) Abby Byrd (1767-?) m. William Nelson 7.) Dorothy Byrd (died young) 8.) Jane Byrd (1773-?) untraced 9.) Richard Willing Byrd, (1774-1815) m. 1. Lucy Harrison 2. Emily Wilson. issue untraced. 10.) William Boyd Byrd (1770-abt. 1820) m. Susan Lewis (a descendant of Pocahontas) Issue (see next section)

Notes: William Byrd III was a Loyalist: he sided with the British during the Revolution. However,Francis Otway Byrd fought on the American side in the conflict: for this he was cut out of his father's will, but later took up lands in Ohio. Thomas Taylor Byrd fought on the British side in the Revolution. After the death of William Byrd III's wife Mary, the Westover estate was sold. Thomas Taylor Byrd moved to what is now Clarke Co. Va. Notes regarding Mary (or Maria) HORSMANDEN, wife of Col. Wm. Byrd I: her ancestry was very distinguished, and can be traced back to English King Edward III by his third son John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster.

Descendants of Thomas Taylor Byrd

Thomas Taylor BYRD (1752-1823) son of William BYRD III, m. Mary Anne ARMISTEAD (?_?) of Gloucester Co. Va. They moved to Frederick (Now Clarke Co.) Va. Children: 1) John Carter Byrd(?_1814) 2) William Eburn Byrd (1779-1816) m. Sally Bull, Caziah Hinman. issue. 3) Richard Evelyn (1800-1872)(see below) 4) Francis Otway Byrd (b. abt 1786) m. Eliza Pleasants 5) Maria Carter Byrd m. Phillip Nicholas 6) Charles Carter Byrd m. Jane Turner 7) Thomas Byrd (died unmarried) 8) Elizabeth Byrd (d. 1827)

Notes: John Carter Byrd died in the War of 1812. William Byrd went to Ohio to the lands belonging to his uncle Otway. A Micajah Byrd was in Texas by 1824. One group of Byrds migrated to St. Louis, and for a time changed the spelling of the name to Burd.

Richard Evelyn BYRD (1800-1872)(6th son of Thomas Taylor Byrd) m. (1827) Anne Harrison (?_?) dau. of Benjamin Harrison and Evelyn Taylor BYRD. Children: 1) George Harrison Byrd (1827-1910) 2) William Byrd (1828-1896)(to Austin TX 1853) 3) Alfred Henry (?_?) 4. Anne (?_?)

George Harrison BYRD m. Lucy Wickham, moved to Baltimore

William BYRD (1828-1896) m. (1859) Jennie RIVERS dau. of Judge Robert Jones Rivers of Austin. William fought in the Civil War, in Texas. After the war, the family moved back to Virginia. Children: 1) Richard Evelyn BYRD II (1860-?)eldest of 7 (four boys, 3 girls, names ?)

Richard Evelyn BYRD II (1860-1910) M. (1886) Eleanor Bolling FLOOD, dau. of Henry Delaware FLOOD. Children: 1) Harry Flood (b.1887)Sen. from Va. son Harry Flood Byrd Jr., also a Va. senator. 2) Richard Evelyn (b.1888) (Admiral Byrd) 3) Thomas Bolling (b. 1889)

Descendants of William Boyd Byrd (b. c. 1770 d. c. 1820) m. Susan Lewis (b. c. 1772, d. c. 1830): daughter of Addison Lewis and Sukey Fleming. Children: Addison Byrd b. abt. 1791, Mary W. Byrd b. abt. 1792, Jane O. Byrd b. abt. 1794, Samuel P. Byrd, b. abt. 1795, John Lewis Byrd, b. abt. 1796, Rebecca Byrd, b. abt. 1798.

Note: this page is under construction and new information is being added all the time. If you have any corrections, or additional information (particulary on Byrds between Revolution and Civil War) please e-mail My interest in the Byrd family comes from efforts to trace my great-great grandmother, Martha Adeline Byrd (b. 1828 Gordon Co. Ga, d. 1864, Clarkesville, Ga.) said to be daughter of a Col. Thomas Byrd. She was m. to Oliver Cromwell Wyly, a descendant of the Sevier family of Tennessee. Research here comes from several books on the family, including "The Byrds of Virginia" by Alden Hatch, and "The Secret Diary of William Byrd II of Westover" edited, etc. by Frances Tinling and others. Other research from on-line library sources at University of Va. (See Southern Plantations section.)

Some Other Byrd Genealogies

Thomas Byrd b. abt. 1770, m. Judith May. (They were probably from Virginia, moved to South Carolina and settled there in the Edgefield County area before moving to Georgia.) Children: William Davis Byrd (b abt 1800) m. Rebecca Strickland (?-?) in GA. (Settled in Madison Co. then Gwinnett Co. GA. Three sons: Daniel Madison, Joel Thomas, and William Davis. The last two died in infancy.)Philip M. Byrd m. Mary Russell 21 Jun 1821 Hall County, GA. Thomas Byrd m. Martha "Mattie" Russell in Hall Co. GA 18 Dec. 1820.(Children: Martha Adaline Byrd b. 1828 d. 1862: m. Oliver Cromwell Wyly. Philip May Byrd b. 1841 d.?.) John G. Byrd m. Nancy Garner, Hall Co. GA. 18 Nov. 1824. Francis Byrd m. Thomas Covington 23 Jun 1825, Hall Co. GA. Sally Byrd m. Nathan G. Newton 1823. William Byrd m. A.B. Thompson 14 Oct. 1829 Hall Co GA. Winiford Byrd m. James Bennett, date and place unknown. Judith Byrd m. Robert Barnwell, Lucy Byrd m. David McClesky, Daniel Byrd m. Marie Humphries, Nath (Nathan?) Byrd m. Ellen Jones. More to come.. under construction 11/15/98.

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