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Genealogy - General John Sevier, Revolutionary War



Don Juan De XAVIER (b. 1652 d?) m. Marie _____ b. abt. 1654) Children: 3, among them: VALENTINE DE XAVIER b. 1678 Navarre, France.) m. Mary Smith (b. abt. 1685 Cripplegate, London, England, d?)Children: Valentine SEVIER. Valentine SEVIER (note, name anglicized after family settled in England.) (b. 1701, London, England d. 1803, Carter City TN.) m. (2) Joanna GOAD (b. 1723, d. aft 1778) Children: 8, among them Gen. John SEVIER.

Huguenot History

Sevier is the English version of the name Xavier. The Sevier/Xaviers were originally from Navarre.* Among early members (but not direct ancestors) of the Sevier family is St. Francis Xavier. Two generations later, the Xavier/Sevier family turned Protestant (Huguenot) and after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, 1685, the family was forced to leave France. One brother,Valentine Sevier, went to London, then America: another brother, Richard Sevier, went to St. Petersburg, Russia. It is said there are Seviers in Russia to this day, but for obvious reasons that branch of the family has been difficult to trace. This much family history seems necessary as background to the following. *For those interested, see SEVIER FAMILY HISTORY, with collected letters of Gen. John Sevier, First Gov. of Tennessee, by Cora Bales Sevier and Nancy Sevier Madden, Washington DC 1961, published by Cora B.Sevier, second printing 1982.)

Sevier Genealogy/Goode connection

Gen. John SEVIER (b 9/23/1745, Augusta Co. VA, d. 9/24/1815 Ft. Decatur, Ala.) m. (first) Sarah HAWKINS (b.1746 Frederick Co. Va. d Feb. 1780, Watauga Dist, N.C.) Several children, including Elizabeth SEVIER (1767-1791)m. Maj. William H. CLARK (1757-1843, Hall Co. Ga.) Several children including Sarah Hawkins CLARK (1788-1861)m. James Rutherford WYLY (1783-1856.) Several children, including Oliver Cromwell WYLY (1810-1893, Carnesville, Ga.) m. (2) Martha Adeline BYRD (1828-1864.)Their daughter Mary Alice WYLY (1855-1928) m. (2-22-1878, Carnesville, Ga.) William Harvey RAMPLEY (1850-1893.) Their daughter Annie RAMPLEY (1888-1946) m. George Lafayette GOODE (1883-1956.) Their eldest son, Clifford Carter GOODE (1914-1979) m. (1941, Atlanta, Ga.) Sara Rebecca THOMPSON. Two children: Sara GOODE b. 1953, John Carter GOODE b. 1958 Note: Information from several sources, including Colonial Dames papers, Stella Fricks Hemphill, John Eliot Chapter, Little Rock, Arkansas (local chapter 135, State 125, National # 6440.) and "Sevier Family History, with the Letters of General John Sevier" by Nancy Sevier Madden, copyright 1961. See also "Notable Southern Families" - Zella Armstrong, 1919, Vol. 1 p. 180.

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