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Abraham GOAD (b about 1660, England, d. 4/11/1734) was in Lancaster Co., Va. by 1682. He became a planter in Richmond Co. Va and owned several tracts of land. Abraham GOAD m. (1692) (first) Katherine Williams (b? d. Richmond Co. Va. 5/23/1741. Their children: William GOAD (b.1963-1732) m. Mary ? Hannah GOAD (b. 1695, d?) m. Tobias PHILLIPS. John GOAD (b 11/27/1700 Richmond Co. Va. d. Bedford Co. 7/17/1771) m. Katherine ? Abraham GOAD (b 1710 d?) Peter GOAD (b. 1715 d?) Elizabeth GOAD (b?d?) m. (?) DODSON Alice GOAD (b?d?) m. (?) DODSON Among John GOAD's children with Katherine was Joanna GOAD (b 11-1-1723, Richmond Co., Va. d?) who married Valentine SEVIER (b. 1702, London, England, d. 1803, Carter City, Tenn.) Of their several children, the most famous was Gen. John Sevier.

Note: Information included here and in linked sites is from original research done for Colonial Dames papers/DAR papers which belong to the Goode family.

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