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Goode Family of Virginia, Kentucky, Georgia January 12, 2004 by Sara Jane Goode Finch This contains information gleaned from family bibles and Virginia Colonial Records unobtainable at the time I first put up the Goode genealogy site. Please note this is a work in progress and has been for several years, as more genealogical information makes it way on line, and as more family papers are found which can be studied for information linking ancestors to present day Goode family members. Please do not take this as more than the work of an amateur genealogist/historian with a few year's experience: and consider the fact that more papers are being discovered each year by family members and the new information contained often changes conclusions drawn based on earlier documents. Thank all of you for your interest in this project: anyone with anything to contribute to knowledge about this branch of the Goode family is welcome to email me at Thanks to the many people who have already writtten, adding facts and correcting errors. All are invited to contribute: this project is being written for the benefit of the generations following, as facts become easier to collect due to the increase in census information and in the library collections coming on line. Much of this information is from a family bible typed and notarized for the Virginia Colonial Project, now on the internet. Alfred Goode b. c. 1799: several children including, a younger son, George Washington Goode, m. and had several children including John Freeman Goode, a Baptist Minister, Franklin Co. Ga., who married Palmyra Pratt. They had several children including George Lafayette Goode, m. Annie Belle Rampley c. 1911 (this information from the Goode family bible in possession of Sara Jane Goode Finch.) They had 4 children: 1) Mary Pratt Goode, b.c. 1910 d.c. 1911. Clifford Carter Goode, b. June 15 1914, d. Oct. 31, 1979. m. Sara Thompson Dec. 15 1941. 2 children: Sara Jane Goode b. 1953, John Carter Goode b. 1958. Sara Jane Goode m. Jeffrey Elberson Finch Feb 14 1994. George Lafayette Goode and Annie Rampley Goode had two other children: Florence Goode, m. (1) Harold Bissell, New York City, d.c. 1955, m (2) Richard Meigs Oddie b ? d. 1999, m. New York City 1960. No children. George Lafayette Goode and Annie Rampley Goode had a third son, George Lauren Goode, m. Annie Kate King c. 1950: one child, Nancy Goode, b. 1958, m. Jeffrey Main 1979. Nancy Goode Main had 3 girls. The family bible belonging to John Freeman Goode is with his son, James Goode of Atlanta, Ga. and contains more family records. This bible is in fragile shape and as a historical document The complete transcription of the Alfred Goode bible including dates, wives, marriages, etc. is in the keeping of Sara Jane Goode Finch, at the residence of Mrs. Florence Goode Oddie. As I can get to these records, and double check them via census records now on the internet, I will change the Goode genealogy site presently up and will add my new discoveries. As I warned when I first put the site up, it was incomplete and based on scanty information not available in the first days of genealogy research and additions of genealogical records to the internet. I apologize for misleading any readers or relatives about any relationships. Also, more information of the migration of the Goode family from Virginia to Kentucky to North Georgia (Franklin County) will be made available. My thanks to all readers and interested parties for their patience and their forbearance for my amateur research and lack of records that have taken me several years to discover and compile. Sara Jane Goode Finch January 2004


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Researching the Goode Family of VA, NC, SC and GA. 
Also researching
the surnames BAKER, BYRD, CARSON, CLARK, 

 George Washington GOODE is described on p. 270 of 
Virginia cousins as a nephew of Richard Goode, #4 above. 
Franklin Co., Ga. records on-line show he married 
Martha Baker in 1837. Writings from my grandfather 
on G.W. Goode note he had 7 children, among them my 
great grandfather John Fleming GOODE. 

 John Fleming GOODE (b. 17 DEC 1851, Franklin Co., 
GA. m. (1882)Palmyra Pratt CARSON, daughter of 
Augustine Lafayette CARSON and Sara PAYNE 
(b? d 14 DEC 1914.) died Feb. 20, 1931. Two 
children: James Fleming GOODE and George Lafayette GOODE.

 George Lafayette GOODE (b. 18 AUG 1883, d.1956, 
Franklin Co., GA)m. (1910) Annie RAMPLEY (b. 15 SEPT. 
1888, d. 1946, Toccoa, GA.)daughter of William Harvey 
RAMPLEY and Mary Alice WYLY. Children:

 a) Clifford Carter GOODE (1914-1979, Atlanta, GA.)
 b) Florence GOODE m. Richard Meigs ODDIE
 c) George Lauren GOODE (1921-1987, Atlanta GA.)

 Clifford Carter GOODE m. Sara Rebecca THOMPSON 
(1918-1991, Atlanta GA.) Children: Sara GOODE, 
John Carter GOODE.

Family history taken from private papers, DAR records, 
and History of Franklin County, GA by the Franklin 
County Historical
Society, G. Brown Goode's "Virginia Cousins" and 
items from the genealogy collection at the 
Library of Virginia. 

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