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Goode Family - English Ancestors


Richard Gode** (Goode)=
William Goode=
William Goode=
William Goode=
Walter Goode =
William Goode m. Dame Millicent =
Walter Goode m. Joan, daughter and heiress of Walter Whitston
 children: Digorie, Elizabeth, Millicent, and heir Richard Goode.
Richard Goode of Whitby m. Isabelle, daughter of Philip Penkville*
 children: George, Margarett, Nazareth, Isabell, Florence, Walter,
 Digorie, and heir, Richard Goode of Whitby. His son John Goode is
 said to be the first Goode to arrive and settle in Virginia.

*Sometimes spelled Pendwille.
** some sources give his birthdate as c. 1300. This is not
been confirmed. 

***From "Virginia Cousins" by G. Brown Goode, 1883. 
Mr. Goode's tracing of the British ancestors of some Virginia
Goodes has been questioned. There has always been some confusion
about the early family because of the many different spellings of Good, Goode, Goad, Goade, etc. 

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