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Richard Goode of Whitby England: son John Goode is the original Virginia ancestor of the Goode Family.

John Goode (1620-abt 1700) b. Whitby England, d. Whitby Plantation, Henrico Co. VA.
married first, Martha Frances Mackarness b. 1636 England, married in Barbadoes, died abt. 1668. Two sons: Robert Goode b. 1651, Samuel Goode, b. 1655.
John Goode then married Anne Bennett. They had 11 children:
John Goode b. 1675 Whitby VA, d. 1720, VA. 
Katherine Goode b. 1668 d. unknown VA
Elizabeth Goode b. 1669 d. aft 1724
Susanna Goode b. 1670 Whitby VA
Anne Goode b. 1673 Whitby VA
Mary Goode b. 1671 Whitby VA
Joseph Goode b. 1672, Whitby VA d. abt 1761
Frances Goode b. 1670 Whitby VA
Martha Goode b. 1674 Whitby VA
Ursula Goode b. 1676 Whitby VA 
Thomas Goode b. 1677 Whitby VA.


Second Generation: Children of John Goode and Frances Mackarness

Robert Goode b. 1651 d. aft 1711 m. Elizabeth Branch. Children:
 Robert Goode Jr. b 19 Jul 1711, Francis Goode b ? and Anne Goode,
 b unknown.
Samuel Goode, b. 1655 d aft 1734 m. (1689) Martha Jones (1668-1734)
 Philip b. 1690
 Mackarness b. abt 1691
 Edward b. abt. 1693
 John b. abt 1695
 Frances b. abt 1697
 Martha b. abt 1698
 Margaret b. abt 1699
 William b. abt 1700
 Samuel b. abt 1702

Children of John Goode and Anne Bennett:
 John Goode 1675-1720 m ? and had John (1706) Thomas (1708)
  Bennett (1710) and a daughter name unknown.

 Joseph Goode (1672-abt 1761) m (1715) Unknown Whatlow. Children:
  Daniel John Goode b. 1715, Richard b. 1720

 Thomas Goode (1677-aft 1740) m. Unknown. Children: Thomas b. abt 1735
  Richard b. abt. 1730, and Edward, b. abt 1732.